Brand Vision

It takes both strength and kindness to be elegant.

– Sabina Bilenko, Founder

Fashion is about personality and confidence, not brands and trends.

– Diana Bilenko, Creative Director

Values & Missions

We evoke emotion and create aspiration by presenting exquisite couture craftsmanship and design in every collection.

What She Values

Exceptional Quality, Exclusivity, Responsibility, Extraordinary Experience, Craftsmanship.

Who is the “Sabina  Bilenko” woman?

She is independent, elegant and glamorous. She knows what she wants. She has strong values and wants to give back to society. She is passionate about life and work, and balances this with family and social commitments.

World of Couture


Couture, Bridal, Baby and Kids Couture, Accessories (hair accessories, bespoke evening bags). Sabina and Diana’s ambition is for the brand to become a recognised player in Haute Couture, by showing two collections in Paris during Couture week.


Sabina Bilenko style has femininity at its core. Designed for real women, it’s classic yet modern, elegant, sophisticated and timeless.

The Atelier and Maison

Sabina Bilenko couture atelier and Maison are located in the heart of London, Belgravia SW1X, and employ a team of skilled couturieres, pattern cutters and embroiderers, applying traditional couture techniques when creating the pieces, all by hand. With more than ten years of Couture experience, Sabina Bilenko atelier director leads a team of fourteen skilled artisans with great devotion.

From pattern cutting to completion, via skillful placement of embroidery, no small detail escapes their sharp and expert eyes. Under the guidance of Sabina and Diana, stunning creations are coming to life at the atelier, where everything is done by hand using traditional Couture craftsmanship, and where excellence is key.