Sabina Bilenko Couture recently funded an annual bursary for a young woman, who is taking part in the Centrepoint Independent Living Programme.
Empowering and supporting women to achieve their dreams has always been at the core of Sabina Bilenko’s ethos, hence the instant connection with the innovative Independent Living Programme launched by Centrepoint in 2019.
In over 50 years Centrepoint has helped thousands on a journey to independence but Independent Living is a transformative programme that, linking accommodation with jobs and rent with income, will break the cycle of youth homelessness for good making housing truly affordable for young people.
Young people like Katlin, that after a family breakdown and a period in a hostel, moved into an Independent Living property last Summer and now is successfully working full time as Teaching Assistant but hopes to go to University next year to study Midwifery.
In her own words, the programme completely changed her life and her future as “Knowing that there are options out there, is so important. For me personally, living in a place like this motivates me more to do the right thing. Knowing that I am here for the next five years. Knowing I have stability for that long. In my head, I’m like ‘right, I have five years to go to Uni, get a full-time career, buy a car, save up for a deposit. I’ve been given five years to do the right thing.’ If I’d been left in a hostel for five years, would I have done that? I very much doubt it. I would have stayed there for however long the council may have left me there for.”

‘Social responsibilities are hugely important to us.  It is imperative that what we create gives back; that is why we are proud to support Centrepoint’s Independent Living Programme. Centrepoint is an incredible charity and through this scheme we are thrilled to give young people like Katlin the additional support they need to ensure that they have the opportunity to reach their potential in life. 
To us beautiful actions are just as important as beautiful clothes.’